My Artwork Featured At Check Advantage This Week Plus a Coupon

Just a quick note to share with you all that my artwork is being featured this week at the Check Advantage website. I am very honored that they are not only featuring my artwork, they are also offering $3.00 off any orders of checks or other items featuring my artwork! You can order checks (of a few different styles), checkbook covers, and address labels. Each set of checks comes with four featured paintings in that group.

Remember that address labels and checkbook covers would make great gifts for the upcoming holidays! :)

Here are some examples -

This sale only lasts for the week of 9/2/13 through 9/8/13 so be sure to check it out this week. Just click on the top link/photo to see the page that features all of the products with my artwork or you can try one of the specific links above. Thanks for dropping by everyone!  

Many Blessings,



Another Gelli Papers Mixed Media Painting, Public Domain Inspirations, Miss Elsie's Flowers

Hello Everyone!

I've been really inspired of late by images from the Public Domain. The black and white images pull me especially. Sitting and studying the different people from so long ago truly sparks my imagination and gets my creative painting juices going.

While exploring the Public Domain, I came across the Ohio Historical Society that featured many images from former slaves. Oh how I wanted to talk with each and every one of the men and women featured in this collection!

I took this Gelli print page -

And turned it into this - 

Title - Miss Elsie's Flowers
Mixed Media on Flat Canvas Panel

The background for this piece is from my Gelli prints that I made on my Gelli Plate. The edges are framed in other Gelli print pages which wrap around to the back of the canvas panel. 

Here is Ms. Elsie Ross and the image that inspired the above painting - Ms. Elsie Ross

I imagined that Miss Elsie loved and appreciated her flowers so much that she probably had to go and whisper to them before she left the house to go anywhere.

What's been inspiring you of late? I'd love to hear about it!  :)



Little Flower Blossom, Geisha Mixed Media Painting, Gelli Print Background

Hello Everyone!

I think I've finally finished another of my Gelli print backgrounds to share with you. It's not always the easiest for me to decide when a painting is complete but I think this one is ready to be unveiled. I've been fascinated with Geisha for quite sometime now and recently found myself sketching and doodling different poses for them.

If you read the book 'Memoirs of a Geisha', you'll understand how my fascination with them increased even more after reading that awesome book. I was amazed that a man was the author as I felt he captured very well how it must have been to be female and one going through the rigorous training the Geisha went through. Theirs was not an easy life and to have the kind of discipline that was demanded of them is fascinating to me.

I've titled this painting 'Little Flower Blossom' and would love to know what the correct Japanese name for that name would be. If anyone reading can tell me, I'd be ever so grateful. I know that the Geisha would change their names as they grew in training and gained higher ranking. I think this Geisha would have loved the name I've given her. What do you think?  :)

Here is the Gelli print background before I started work on the painting.

And this is what it turned into - 

Little Flower Blossom
Mixed Media Painting
Finished Size 9 in. x 12 in.
Available Here with more views

As I said, the background was created on my Gelli plate and has other layers of acrylic paints added for interest. I started with a page from a gardening magazine and this painting ended up with only a slight hint of text peaking through after all the layers of acrylics were added. Little Flower Blossom is painted with acrylics, watercolor crayons and pencils, gouache, and graphite. I even added some collage elements of floral tissue paper for the flower designs on her kimono and then painted over them to enhance the design. The painting was then mounted on heavy and sturdy 140 lb Watercolor Paper.

I hope you enjoy another exercise of mine in figurative art using my Gelli prints for the background. I am really enjoying the challenge I've set myself lately and continue to create more people to share with you soon.



Gelli Print Background and Lady Violet Mixed Media Abstract Painting

Hello Everyone! Yes it's been a while since I've posted, but I have been creating quietly behind the scenes. Lately I've felt drawn to work more with faces and figures in my artwork. That of course means that I've been on several creative tangents exploring to see what my creative style might be with it all.

I was reading a blog post by the artist Tamara Laporte on her lovely blog about discovering your creative style. I love how she summed it all up for us creative types. You might want to hop over and read her post and the tips she shares about discovering and finding your creative style. I love how she acknowledges that it's OK to change your style and to immerse yourself into several creative ventures to discover more about your own personal style.

I've been playing with and loving my Gelli Plate and have had so much fun experimenting with it. I'll definitely be creating and exploring with this wonderful creative tool for quite some time I'm sure. If you aren't familiar with the Gelli Plate, here is a video from their site demonstrating just SOME of the creative possibilities.

I thought I would share one of my latest creations with the challenge being for me to use some of the Gelli Plate prints as backgrounds, various types of art media and to explore faces and figurative paintings. There are several that are almost finished but Lady Violet is pretty much done.

Lady Violet
Mixed Media Painting on 
140 lb Watercolor Paper

You can view Lady Violet Here as well as some of my other paintings for sale. She is painted on a background page created from a seed catalog and acrylic paints created on the Gelli Plate. I created Lady Violet (her name is inspired from some of the plant names on the background page) using acrylics, graphite, gouache, watercolor pencils and watercolor pastels, and water mixable oil pastels. I think she could possibly be one of the fairies that hangs out around my herbs and plants in the yard. :)

How about you? Have you been inspired by Mother Nature with any of your creative passions of late? 

I hope to be posting more of my works in process paintings with you soon! 



Valentine's Art, Make Your Own Valentine's Day Gifts, My Art On Personal Checks

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are having a lovely February weekend. It is overcast with occasional sun breaks and drizzle here in the Pacific NW. That is better than what many folks on the East Coast have been getting. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. My Mother-In-Law said they can't even get out the door to shovel the snow is so deep! They live in Maine.

Valentine's Day will be here in a few days and to help inspire you with your Valentine's Day gifts, I found a few videos. The first one is a time lapse painting of a heart. Just when you think the artist can't possibly do anymore to the painting, it changes!

If you want to make your own cards, here is a very cute video with 21 designs that you can draw from the illustrator and author Shoo Raynor. He does make them all look very easy doesn't he?

Next is an abstract Heart Painting of mine that you can see on several different items on Zazzle. Feel free to drop by my shop Itaya's Designs and see what else I've been creating and sharing lately.
Reckless Heart Original Art Painting Poster
Reckless Heart Original Art Painting Poster by Itayasdesigns
Browse Original Posters

And finally, my artwork is now being featured at Check Advantage on Personal Checks, Check Book Covers, and Address Labels! Head on over to Check Advantage and have a look around. I am very honored to be included as one of their Licensed Artists.

(Click on Any Set To Visit Check Advantage)

Will you be making any of your Valentine's Day cards or gifts this year? I would love to hear about it or just say 'Hi!'.  :)


Happy New Years, Art Goals for 2013, Graphic Designs Art

Hello and Happy New Years to Everyone!

I was reading another lovely post by my friend Valerie at Ask A Zombie Housewife Blog and she inspired me to think about my New Years Art Goals. Take a look at her post at the link and the lovely artwork she has featured as well.

Setting New Years Resolutions has never been my thing. My goals and aspirations seem to change so much throughout the year that it just doesn't make sense to me to state huge sweeping goals that I might not even care about in a few months.

I like Valerie's idea of setting smaller goals instead of sweeping resolutions. That definitely works better for me.

One of my Art Goals for the new year is to learn more about creating graphic designs. Not everyone realizes that this is a passion of mine along side my painting. When I compare my designs to some other graphic design artists, I realize I have a ways to go before I am satisfied. Here are a few of my graphic and digital designs from recently and in the past.

Floral Bouquet Abstract - Print Poster
Floral Bouquet Abstract - Print Poster by Itayasdesigns
Check out Prints & Posters online at

Icons - Retro Grunge Collage - Poster Print
Icons - Retro Grunge Collage - Poster Print by Itayasdesigns
Browse other Icons Posters

I am also thankful for the sales and recognition I've received over the past year of 2012. Here are some paintings and designs that I've received the coveted 'Today's Best Award' for on Zazzle. Thank you to the Zazzle Team for this award and thank you to all my Awesome Customers for purchasing my artwork! 

A Stroll In The Park Medium Art Print Painting
A Stroll In The Park Medium Art Print Painting by Itayasdesigns
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So what are YOUR Art goals for the year of 2013? I would love to hear about them!

Happy New Year!  :)


Birthday Gifts, Gelli Arts, Gelatin Printing and Monoprinting Videos

Tuesday was my birthday (Yayyyy Me!) and my sweet hubby surprised me with a Gelli Plate for monoprinting type artwork. If you aren't familiar with a Gelli Plate, check out this link to their blog - Gelli Arts . Here are a few examples of fun things you can create using one of their Gelli Plates.

And a cool video showing how to create some of these awesome art designs - 

People have been doing monoprinting for ages using glass plates, gelatin plates, and lots of other smooth surfaces. I experimented with making my own gelatin plates using Knox gelatin and did have some success with it. Here is a link to start your research for making your own if you like - Making Your Own Gelatin Plate. Just go to Linda Germain's Blog for tons more tips and techniques. 

Although Linda makes it look super easy, there are some drawbacks to using a gelatin plate. For starters, the gelatin must be kept in the fridge and it does breakdown easily. It also does NOT last forever. More like 10 days to 2 weeks. 

So....I requested a Gelli Plate for my birthday and I got one! I'm very grateful for my hubby and my Gelli Plate.  :) I'll be playing with it and creating all kinds of cool art really soon once things settle down from the holidays.  

Until I get to create some prints using my Gelli Plate, here are a few images of artwork that I created using my homemade gelatin plate and a very smooth piece of laminated shelving.

I'm looking forward to seeing how different my prints will be with the Gelli Plate!

Here's another video showing a few more techniques using the Gelli Plate. Gelli Arts now has 3 sizes of Gelli Plates to choose from.

Fun huh?

What's on your Christmas Wish List? Got anything artsy on your list that you would care to share with us? I'd love to hear!  

Happy Creative Holidays!  :) 



Whimsical Woodland Baby Owl Painting, Red Barn, Nap Time

(click images for larger views)

Baby Barn Owl wasn't really crazy about having to take naps during the daytime. He knew he had to if he was going to stay up all night and play in the old red barn. 

He did love the branch in the big old tree that was especially his. It fit his feathery body just perfectly and made falling asleep so much easier.

Baby owl wished that for once his eyelids wouldn't get so heavy during the daytime so that he could fly and practice doing fancy swoops and dives.

He loved the old red barn that he and his family stayed in at night. It was fun playing tag with his friends way up in the rafters.

Soon it would be almost dark and that made him want to get to sleep even quicker!

Title - Nap Time
Size - 3 in. x 3 in. 
Acrylic Paint on Stretched Canvas
**Includes Tiny Easel Pictured**
Price - $20

Waiting For Treatbag,Whimsical Cat Art Painting, Acrylic and Texture on Canvas

(click images for larger view)

Smoky the kitty lives in Possum Trot Holler and has adopted a family where he likes to call 'home'. He doesn't like staying indoors very much as he has grown up living most of his life outdoors. It took a very long time before Smoky trusted his humans enough to 'allow' them to feed him. 

Smoky likes that his humans have a garage that he can stay in at night and during the cold and wet wintry months. They even have a place for him to sleep that has a heating pad when it is especially cold. He really likes sleeping there and dreaming his kitty dreams!

One of Smoky's humans feeds him treats and he has named that human Treat Bag. The other human usually just feeds him very healthy kitty food and he named her Food Bag. 

Although Smoky loves his healthy food, he loves treats even more! The treats that Treat Bag gives him make him feel all cozy and fuzzy inside. He really likes that feeling. 

Many days, Smoky sits at the edge of the yard waiting for Treat Bag to come home. It doesn't matter if Treat Bag has been gone for a long time or just a few hours, he still waits for him. 

Yes, Smoky loves Food Bag and relies on her for his primary nutrition, but he really LOVES Treat Bag and those magical treats in that shiny little pouch! 

Do you have a pet that has adopted you and 'allowed' you to take care of him?  

Title - Waiting For Treatbag
Size - 4 in. x 4 in. x .75 in.
Acrylic and Texture on Stretched Canvas
**Easel is Included**
Price - $22
Thank You.  :)

This little painting would be a great gift for a cat lover, for a child's room or in a nursery. I would love to hear your thoughts about this painting or just to say HI!  


Making Choices Whimsical Woodland Fox Painting

(click on images for larger view)

Mrs. Fox has a very challenging time making choices and especially when she goes to the pumpkin patch near Possum Trot Holler.

She knows it's silly not to be able to pick out the pumpkin that would be perfect for her family without making such a fuss. How hard can it be for goodness sake? 

When she starts looking at all the lovely pumpkins, she wonders which one would make the most scrumptious pies and desserts and that's where the trouble begins. Her family really loves her pumpkin desserts for the holidays and she wants each dessert to taste better than ever before.

 This year, Mrs. Fox decides to just close her eyes and pick one and trust that it will taste just fine. Or maybe she will buy more than one just to make sure! 

 Do you have a hard time making choices sometimes like Mrs. Fox does?  :) 

Title - Making Choices
Acrylic Paint on Tiny Stretched Canvas
Size - 3 in. x 3 in. x 3/8 in.
**Easel Pictured Is Included**
Price - $20

I would love to hear your thoughts about this little painting, making choices, pumpkins or just to say 'Hi!'  :)


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