My Artwork Featured At Check Advantage This Week Plus a Coupon

Just a quick note to share with you all that my artwork is being featured this week at the Check Advantage website. I am very honored that they are not only featuring my artwork, they are also offering $3.00 off any orders of checks or other items featuring my artwork! You can order checks (of a few different styles), checkbook covers, and address labels. Each set of checks comes with four featured paintings in that group.

Remember that address labels and checkbook covers would make great gifts for the upcoming holidays! :)

Here are some examples -

This sale only lasts for the week of 9/2/13 through 9/8/13 so be sure to check it out this week. Just click on the top link/photo to see the page that features all of the products with my artwork or you can try one of the specific links above. Thanks for dropping by everyone!  

Many Blessings,



joanieART said...

Congratulations, Itaya....those checks with your adorable critters look beautiful! Kudos and Blessings!

Itaya Art said...

Why thank you Joanie! I feel very blessed indeed. Thanks for your lovely comments. :)

Lisa Graham Art said...

How cool is this Itaya! I have never thought about art on checks, but of course! Congratulations! What an honor. Now there will be some ladies out there having lunch together and one will pull out her checkbook with your check art and the other lady will say..."those are so cute!" This is so great!

Itaya Art said...

Thank you Lisa! It's fun to think that somewhere folks are enjoying my artwork on their checks and checkbook covers! One lady even told me that she orders address labels each year for her kids and she got some of mine for their gifts. How awesome is that? :)

Julie Ford Oliver said...

They would make writing a check much more of a pleasure for sure.
Congratulations, I love them!


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