Another Gelli Papers Mixed Media Painting, Public Domain Inspirations, Miss Elsie's Flowers

Hello Everyone!

I've been really inspired of late by images from the Public Domain. The black and white images pull me especially. Sitting and studying the different people from so long ago truly sparks my imagination and gets my creative painting juices going.

While exploring the Public Domain, I came across the Ohio Historical Society that featured many images from former slaves. Oh how I wanted to talk with each and every one of the men and women featured in this collection!

I took this Gelli print page -

And turned it into this - 

Title - Miss Elsie's Flowers
Mixed Media on Flat Canvas Panel

The background for this piece is from my Gelli prints that I made on my Gelli Plate. The edges are framed in other Gelli print pages which wrap around to the back of the canvas panel. 

Here is Ms. Elsie Ross and the image that inspired the above painting - Ms. Elsie Ross

I imagined that Miss Elsie loved and appreciated her flowers so much that she probably had to go and whisper to them before she left the house to go anywhere.

What's been inspiring you of late? I'd love to hear about it!  :)



Lisa Graham Art said...

I love your painting Itaya...what a great capture of a past soul. I love old photos too and could spend hours combing through them.

Itaya Art said...

Thank you Lisa! Don't you just love old photos? So many of them are filled with a delicious kind of mystery that makes me want to capture that moment in art somehow. :)

Askazombiehousewife said...

love it

Askazombiehousewife said...

Very nice painting

Itaya Art said...

Thank you Val! Glad you like it. :) Thanks for dropping by.

Judith Logan-Farías said...

Glad to have found you and someone else who likes creating interesting backgrounds! Judith x

Itaya Art said...

Thank you Judith and I'm glad to have found your lovely artwork as well. :)


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