Whimsical Woodland Baby Owl Painting, Red Barn, Nap Time

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Baby Barn Owl wasn't really crazy about having to take naps during the daytime. He knew he had to if he was going to stay up all night and play in the old red barn. 

He did love the branch in the big old tree that was especially his. It fit his feathery body just perfectly and made falling asleep so much easier.

Baby owl wished that for once his eyelids wouldn't get so heavy during the daytime so that he could fly and practice doing fancy swoops and dives.

He loved the old red barn that he and his family stayed in at night. It was fun playing tag with his friends way up in the rafters.

Soon it would be almost dark and that made him want to get to sleep even quicker!

Title - Nap Time
Size - 3 in. x 3 in. 
Acrylic Paint on Stretched Canvas
**Includes Tiny Easel Pictured**
Price - $20


Lisa Graham Art said...

Such a sweet story Itaya...sweet story about an owl with a sweet face. I think owls are my favorite bird.

Itaya Art said...

Thank you Lisa! I love owls too. :)

Askazombiehousewife said...

very well done

Itaya Art said...

Thank you Val! :)


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