Waiting For Treatbag,Whimsical Cat Art Painting, Acrylic and Texture on Canvas

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Smoky the kitty lives in Possum Trot Holler and has adopted a family where he likes to call 'home'. He doesn't like staying indoors very much as he has grown up living most of his life outdoors. It took a very long time before Smoky trusted his humans enough to 'allow' them to feed him. 

Smoky likes that his humans have a garage that he can stay in at night and during the cold and wet wintry months. They even have a place for him to sleep that has a heating pad when it is especially cold. He really likes sleeping there and dreaming his kitty dreams!

One of Smoky's humans feeds him treats and he has named that human Treat Bag. The other human usually just feeds him very healthy kitty food and he named her Food Bag. 

Although Smoky loves his healthy food, he loves treats even more! The treats that Treat Bag gives him make him feel all cozy and fuzzy inside. He really likes that feeling. 

Many days, Smoky sits at the edge of the yard waiting for Treat Bag to come home. It doesn't matter if Treat Bag has been gone for a long time or just a few hours, he still waits for him. 

Yes, Smoky loves Food Bag and relies on her for his primary nutrition, but he really LOVES Treat Bag and those magical treats in that shiny little pouch! 

Do you have a pet that has adopted you and 'allowed' you to take care of him?  

Title - Waiting For Treatbag
Size - 4 in. x 4 in. x .75 in.
Acrylic and Texture on Stretched Canvas
**Easel is Included**
Price - $22
Thank You.  :)

This little painting would be a great gift for a cat lover, for a child's room or in a nursery. I would love to hear your thoughts about this painting or just to say HI!  


Askazombiehousewife said...


Itaya Art said...

Thanks Val! :)

Scarlet said...

I like the story that goes with your beautiful paintings. So adorable and you have amazing talent. Thanks for sharing.

Itaya Art said...

Thank you very much Scarlet! I appreciate you dropping by and for your kind words. :)


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